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Non-medical helper (NMH) provider

Adams Educational Services Ltd is a registered NMH Provider (DSA QAG Accreditation Certificate Number: 211405). We provide individualised support to university and college students who have specific learning difficulties including autism spectrum disorders, dyslexia (and other specific learning difficulties), and mental health difficulties.


Our passion and commitment is to increase awareness of the rights of students and address access issues. Ensuring that every student with a disability receives expert, consistent support is at the heart of everything we do. Not only do we support students through their educational journey, but we also support them into work after graduation and beyond.

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Non-Medical Helper Provider: About

What makes us special?

  • We work closely with each individual student to tailor their support to each individual need. 

  • We monitor all academic support to ensure DSA funding or equivalent are not exceeded. 

  • We support students in sustainable work after graduation through our employment support. 

  • We provide consistency of support throughout your whole college or university journey and beyond.

Our support workers will help students:

  • Recall and retain information

  • Make plans

  • Develop academic autonomy 

  • Meet deadlines

  • Improve their writing skills

  • Understand relevant information

  • Improve their numeracy skills

  • Identify and achieve specific goals and milestones

Mentoring and study skills support by specialists in England

The team at Adams Educational Services Ltd are qualified non-medical helpers. If you need a non-medical helper, just let us know. We will review your requirements and suggest a helper whose skills are suited to the needs of the disabled person.

As an accredited DSA-QAG NMH Provider, we provide the following high-quality band 1 and 4 support services:

  • Specialist 1:1 study skills support - Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD)

  • Specialist 1:1 mentoring - Mental Health (MH)

  • Specialist 1:1 study skills support - Autism

  • Specialist 1:1 mentoring - Autism

  • Assistive technology training

  • Scribe and Reader

  • Proofreading

University is one of the most challenging experiences faced by people in education. However, the rewards are plentiful and life-changing. Our support worker will train you to be ready for life university. 

All our specialist one-to-one study skills support workers hold postgraduate degrees, teaching qualifications and qualifications relative to specific learning disabilities. Whether you need full-time support or one-off assistance, feel free to speak to one of our team. We are based in Dartford, Kent.


Have you been diagnosed with dyslexia? Take a look at our dyslexia page for information about this learning disability.

Non-Medical Helper Provider: Services
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children counselling
psychological society
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To speak to us about our NMH provider support programme across the UK, please contact Adams Educational Services Ltd on 020 3291 3931

Whether you are a student, parent, college or university,
we always value your feedback!

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