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Student Support Feedback

We are constantly looking to improve the support we can provide students and make sure we are meeting your needs as much as possible. So, we are looking to hear your feedback and would appreciate you taking the time to fill out this form. Tell us how we are doing and how your experience has been with us. This will help us address any problems that might otherwise be overlooked and it will help us give the best possible assistance to future students. Your input is very much appreciated!

We'd Love To Know What You Think
1. How satisfied are you with the service you’ve received from Adams Educational Services Limited Student Support?*
2. How efficient do you find communication with Adams Educational Services Limited Student Support to be?*
3. How much of a difference has this support made to your students' time in Education?*
4. Were we able to provide you with the information and support needed? *
5. Would you recommend us to other students?*

Thanks for submitting!

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